unblock 2021

Speakers Session : 4th MARCH - 9th MARCH
Hackathon : 10th MARCH - 20th MARCH
The best thing that ever happened to computers is code.


unblock 2021 is a celebration of software development that aims to spark interest in amateur and expert developers alike. We want to help you make blockchain better through developing robust, relevant applications that can bring value to people.

The hackathon will take place in three phases:

Colin LeMahieu
Founder and CEO, Nano
Clarence Liu
VP Development, Elastos
Sherif Abushadi
Head of Education, NEAR
Jeremy Musighi
Head of Growth, Balancer Labs
Wui Yang
CEO, SnapEx
Kevin Owocki
CEO, Gitcoin
Sami Mian
Head of Business development in APAC, Hedera Hashgraph
Jaye Harrill
Communications Manager, Quantstamp
Abhishek Bourai
Francesco Renzi
CEO, Superfluid Finance
Prashanth Balasubramanian
Co-Founder, Lastbit
Vikas Singh
Founder & CEO, BloqueLabs
Luke Stokes
Managing Director, Fio Protocol
Kashif Raza
Founder, Crypto Kanoon
Shrikar Parashar
Head of Business Development, GoSats
Richa Joshi
Co-founder, EPNS
Ramlingam Subramanian
Head of Brand and Communication, CoinDCX
Tascha Punyaneramitdee
Co-Founder, Alpha Finance
Ashish Mehta
Chair, Blockchain Working Group
Desmond Ho
Smart Contract Developer, Kyber Network
Manu Naik
Head of Marketing, Octaloop
Arnav Vohra
Developer Evangelist, Zilliqa

Conference Schedule

4th March
5th March
6th March
7th March
8th March
9th March
Opening Ceremony 3:00PM IST
Arnav Vohra
4:00PM IST
Francesco Renzi
(Superfluid Finance)
4:45PM IST
Tascha Punyaneramitdee
(Alpha Finance)
5:30PM IST

Time Left Until Conference Start

Media and Community Partners

Infomation Partner

Blockchain Certificate Partner


We are very excited about the event which is happening at HackerEarth for your feasibility.

How long is each phase of the hackathon?
The Know and Imagine phase will take one week, and the Create phase will last for 10 days.
Is unblock 2021 free?
Yes! Tell your friends too.
What’s the judging procedure?
Participants’ apps will be judged by our hackathon partners based on the rules laid out in the event guidelines.
How many people can be in a team?
Teams of up to 5 people are allowed. There are no restrictions on who can be in a team, so feel free to mix and match skill levels and connect with other participants.
I’m new to development. What will my experience be like?
Everyone starts somewhere, and even though you might find some things you don’t understand along the way, remember that it’s all part of the learning process. Hop on our Discord channel to connect with other developers, take part in mentor sessions to clarify your views, and try building something for the heck of it. Learning is a continuous process.
I’m a veteran developer. Will this be a waste of time?
Unblock 2021 is about discussing topics with industry experts from around the world and creating products that people value. These are some of the most valuable inputs for influential developers. Blockchain is a small space with huge market potential. There aren’t as many experienced developers, giving you the opportunity to make your mark.